90 million euro for strengthening Trieste Molo VII

The whole investment will be 50% supported by concessionaire TMT. Maneschi gets ready to host MSC’s 9,000 TEUs containerships and confides in the merger between Trieste and Monfalcone. As occurred in other Italian terminals (as APM-Maersk Vado Ligure platform or Genoa-based Calata Bettolo) even the upgrade of Trieste-based Molo VII will be supported by private investors. Pier Luigi Maneschi, who anticipated the news to our magazine just a few months ago, although still not providing specific details of the plan aimed at raising the terminal’s capacity from 650,000 TEUs to 1.2 millions (S2S n.45/2012), confirmed that 50% of the whole 90 million euro investment will be funded by TMT – Trieste Marine Terminal, controlled by TO Delta group and boasting concession on this area until 2031, while the left share will be funded by Port Authority. “The quay will be strengthened and enlarged of at least 30 meters, rail tracks will be relocated to retroport area, ships will be moored on both sides, two new cranes will be operating and two further ones will be subsequently deployed while a fifth and sixth one were already ordered to be operating in 24 months”. Forthcoming terminal’s upgrade replaced former lengthening (conceived a few years ago, S2S n.35/2011) actually discarded due to economic reasons (90 million euro versus 300) and longer commitment: current works could be launched next October and completed by autumn 2014, while former lengthening had to be approved by the new Port Master Plan.
By 2013 the terminal will handle overall 450,000 TEUs freights (versus 400,000 recorded in 2012) while the new alliance among Maersk, CMA CGM and MSC (S2S n.25/2013) will be bearing some fruits by early 2014. The service to Far East operated by Danish and French operators will deploy 6,500 TEUs units while the company helmed by Gianluigi Aponte will introduce 9,000 TEUs ships.
“The weekly link will be pivoting on Trieste as major Adriatic hub also caring feeder services to other ports, whereas recording drastically soaring volumes” reports Maneschi, pinpointing railway service’s primary role and the utmost importance of its deregulation.
“Rail service should be managed by Port Authority and State railway group should grant concession or eventually sell this area. As a matter of fact our expansion was fostered by rail carriers’ deregulation: Rail Cargo Austria charges 40% lower rates than Trenitalia”.
Regarding the possible merger among regional port Authorities, Maneschi comments that no Italian port can compete in size with European ones and attempting to augment trades while raising salaries and rates is totally impossible (salaries in some Italian ports reach 38.13 euro/hour while average wages in the Piraeus stand at 39 euro/day, not to consider structural bounds: how many Italian ports can host 14,000 TEUs units? If Maersk, CMA and MSC try to launch new synergies it will be worth doing so! Italian numbers can’t compete on the European market that’s why Trieste and Monfalcone should be merged”.

Ship2Shore 1st July 2013

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