T.O. DELTA has been involved in planning, engineering and managing Container and Bulk Terminals since 1985  (VTE Genova Voltri, TCT Taranto, RTC Civitavecchia Roma, TMT Trieste and CPM Monfalcone marine terminals; Bologna,  Milano and FTG Cervignano inland depots).

T.O. DELTA’s main assets in Italy are :

Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT) container terminal in Trieste,

Compagnia Portuale Monfalcone (CPM) break  bulk marine terminal in Monfalcone.


Trieste Marine Terminal, called Molo VII, is the only specialized container terminal operator providing accurate handling, storage and inland routing of containers in Trieste. Trieste Marine Terminal is committed to deliver secure, responsive,
high-quality, customer-oriented services and support 24 hours a day during 362 days a year.


It is the leading company that operates inside the area of Monfalcone Port. Thanks to an integrated team of skilled workers, to a wide range of equipment as well as to a large variety of small and heavy goods vehicles, the company is fully equipped to move any type of goods.

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