T.O. DELTA Group (“The Group”) is a multi-modal logistics operator.

It aims at facilitating the transport of any type of cargo from containers to break-bulk offering an integrated approach to logistic, containers handling, trucking, train and inland depots.

The Group has been founded in the 80s by Mr. Pier Luigi Maneschi and is 100% controlled by him and his family through the holding company Sofimar S.r.l.

The Group is vertically active in the logistic industry providing customers with an integrated offer from inland services to importers, exporters and all transport operators via road, rail and sea. Its operational capability covers from the Mediterranean basin to the rapidly growing Far-East ports, through 34 offices worldwide and marine terminals (container and break-bulk). This means that from pick-up of cargo from the Mediterranean to and from the rest of the world – the Group can take care of every aspect of transport, handling, storage and documentation.

The Group relies on more than 35 years of experience, developed skills and dedicated assets (e.g. propriety containers and break bulk terminals) providing services to international customers with:

Terminal Operator activities towards shipping lines-mainly containers handling, survey and maintenance, break bulk and project cargo operations.

Multi-modal Transport services offered to maritime industry, including “all-in service”: regional transporT (rail, truck and feeder), container storage and cleaning, customs assistance and documentation.

Total headcount: 460 units

In order to face the complexity of today’s logistic market requirements, the Group can rely on a portfolio of controlled companies that assure high standard, door-to-door services, where each company is specialized in a specific sector of the logistic process, allowing clients to focus on their core business instead of being involved directly on shipment topics.